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    Dear tutors, speech therapists, psychologists and teachers! We welcome you to our website, "5-easy" - one of the projects of "JOBSTUDY-GROUP".

    Using the latest technology, we have developed a fully automated website that works around the clock, without intermediaries. We tried to make the portal informative, the most convenient and comfortable for work.


    The main advantages of working on our website:

  • Search for pupils without a middleman, in time convenient to you.
    • You can easily, at any time convenient to you, find students who need a tutor to suit you on the territorial location, age and level of training criteria, without intermediaries.
  • Free registration
  • Free hosting an unlimited number of CV’s
    • You can free up a few CV’s in different subjects, emphasizing in each of your greatest strengths.
    • Convenient location summary tells you how to write a CV that will help attract students' attention.
    • After placing CV’s on the website is information about you available to a large number of students who are just interested in finding a tutor, how do you - in your job search.
  • Viewing ads Students without intermediaries
    • You can see all the new incoming requests from students by selecting the option you are interested in the search form students ("Find student","Find student").
    • Note: Dear tutors, we draw your attention to the fact that the website has not all placed ads of pupils. Because students have the opportunity not only to place their ads on the website, but leave the application to search for a tutor manager. In this case, the new ads of pupils from "your region" and "object" will be sent to you by email.
  • Newsletter summary of Students
    • You can send your CV suitable pupils. They will appreciate your willingness to cooperate and more likely to send you the contacts that you will be available in the Dashboard..
  • Editing CV’s
    • At any time you may edit your CV, whether it is in the archive or be open for viewing.
  • Update Summary
    • Resume category is placed in the list according to the date of publication of the summary. To raise the summary in the search results, you can free upgrade date resume once a week. Or order a "Optional upgrade resume."
  • Control the visibility and activity CV’s on the website
    • If you find enough students, or are considering proposals temporarily, then you can apply for a job in the archive. It will be stored in your Personal Account, but will not be available to website users. Over time, when you start looking again Disciples, you simply publish it, and it will be available for pupils.
    • You can determine the level of access to information: hide the real last name, first name, the names of places of work.
    • You have access to information on the number of hits your CV and responses to them.
  • Accommodation reviews and recommendations
  • Placing ads urgent
  • Confidentiality
    • The Website Administration shall respect the right of everyone to privacy. Due to the increasing number of telephone and Internet scams, people are afraid to leave the websites in the open access your contact information. We fully recognize the importance of privacy to visitors of our portal. Your contact details will be hidden, not visible to all users of the website. According to User Agreement, Section 5.3. parties include account information and personal data users, to the Confidential Information. Customer and the Contractor agree not to send confidential information to third parties, except in the case of purposeful direction of student contact details of the selected tutor.
    • We protect you from unwanted phone calls, fraudulent messages, or spam, saving you time and money by providing the ability to communicate only with your selected students are already familiar with your CV, you sent your contacts, and therefore interested in cooperation with you!
    • These are not the entire list of available features and services. Take advantage of additional services to promote your CV, you may after registration.
  • Terms of cooperation

The funds go to maintaining and developing the portal, increasing the popularity of the website and, therefore, to your advertising.

We are constantly working to improve the quality of our service, use the latest technology news around the clock working on optimizing the website, and we are very grateful to all of your proposals, suggestions and reviews!



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All rights reserved.


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