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    Dear, pupils, students, parents and all whose who are interested in raising the level of knowledge, acquiring new skills - we welcome you to our webwebsite.

    The website "5-Легко" was created as a free user-friendly search prompt tutors, speech therapists, psychologists, tutors, teachers of different subjects and classes of common development. On our website you can find a tutor for distance learning, the teacher who will assist you in writing and checking papers, essays, term papers, theses and other works.

    Requires a tutor?

    Offer their services to students, school teachers, college professors and universities, teachers, devoted exclusively to tutoring, and many others

    If you decide that you or your child needs tutoring, an important question arises: how to choose a tutor from the set of candidates?

    How to choose a tutor and teaching methods?

    In order not to waste time and money, we suggest you use some advice.

  • How to find a tutor?
    • Recommendations of friends "Word of mouth", "- a fairly reliable way, but remember, do not always teaching methods and tutors are ideally suited to your friends, will be acceptable to you or your children.
    • Agency to search for tutors - you can save time looking for, but usually limit the choice of tutors to 1-2 candidates.
    • Ads tutors on poles, in newspapers, on the Internet with the pins - a choice of a tutor from a larger number of applicants, but the talented teachers who respect their work and their time, very rarely leave their contacts in the public domain, they do not have time to take a lot of calls and to take on any order.
    • Internet portals, where you can find tutors with ads, and send directly to your contacts only those resumes that interest you. This is a great opportunity to find and select the perfect tutor that meets the learning objectives of a large number of candidates.
    • Websites where you can place your ad that you need a tutor, and tutors look through users who respond to your ad, send only those contacts that you are suitable for your requirements. You will save time for self-learning search, and communicate and will only choose the best!
  • What Tutor to choose: an expensive High school professor or student?
    • To answer this question you need to decide on the ultimate goal, to understand what result you want.
    • If you want to prepare children for school, to eliminate gaps in knowledge among primary and secondary schools, to learn the basics of a foreign language, in order to save the budget, you can stop the choice on student or teacher of high school.
    • If you need a tutor for the exam, you need training in college, renting a diploma, an in-depth study of the subject, raising their professional level, you need to choose between academics, professionals with an academic education.
  • What questions to ask appropriate tutor at the first communion?
    • At the first telephone conversation, do not hesitate to ask tutor questions. It was on his answers, you will initially be able to assess how it fits your requirements and meets the learning objectives. A qualified tutor willingly and competently answer all your questions without trying to move the dialogue at the first class, even if the probe. Good teachers value their time and the time students are not satisfied, and free trial lessons.
    • You can ask clarifying questions about the pedagogical and the experience of tutoring, the methods, techniques and organizational forms of education, convenient location and time of lessons, the cost of lessons. Ask if a tutor to bring to first class documents confirming education, awards and, if any, recommendations from previous students.
    • Listen carefully not only the answers but the questions asked you a tutor. It is desirable to weed out those who are not what you do not ask, prepared to teach any student to any subject - is a sign of incompetence. Experienced teacher must ask you the original level of training, the desired shape and learning methods, the possible duration and frequency of training.


Need a tutor?


We offer you a free tutor search engine that is easy to use, contains comprehensive information, reviews of teachers, and thus gives you the opportunity to make the right choice. Advanced search tutor allows maximum flexibility to customize your search tutor, which increases the possibilities to find a summary of teachers, interesting for you.


  • Dear students, we monitor the level of teacher training, the quality of training. Please note that the profiles of tutors who do not meet the stated qualifications, have the objective negative feedback from students, will be removed from the website.
  • We very much hope that we have developed search tutor will help you in the shortest time to find a tutor, as appropriate to your learning objectives, as well as the personal qualities of students.
  • If you experience difficulty with the choice of a tutor, or you do not have regular access to the Internet - trust us to find a tutor! Use the feedback form and send us a request to find a tutor in the free form. Our managers will contact you and help you choose the right tutor.
  • The Website Administration shall respect the right of everyone to privacy. Due to the increasing number of telephone and Internet scams, people are afraid to leave the websites in the open access your contact information. We fully recognize the importance of privacy to visitors of our portal. Your contact details will be hidden, not visible to all users of the website. E-mail addresses and telephone numbers of our users are protected against spam. According to, User Agreement, Section 5.3. parties include account information and personal data users, to the Confidential Information. Customer and the Contractor agree not to send confidential information to third parties, except in the case of purposeful direction of student contact details of the selected tutor.
  • We protect you from unwanted phone calls, fraudulent messages, or spam, saving you time and money by providing the ability to communicate only with the best tutors chosen by you!
  • We are constantly working to improve the quality of our service, use the latest information technology, working tirelessly to improve our website and we are very grateful to all of your proposals, suggestions and reviews!

Our portal is working around the clock, including weekends and holidays, in different cities around the world, without intermediaries.


The survey showed that the most important criteria of good learning are positive reviews, recommendations and state awards. On our website you will be able to choose when looking for a tutor option "Teacher, which has state awards" and select only the best!



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